Volunteering in MaXi-Race China

Volunteering for the 2016 MaXi-Race Jiangshan Super cross-country race

2016 MaXi-Race Jiangshan, the Super cross-country race will be held in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province on November 26, 2016 till November 27. Volunteers recruitment for MaXi-Race China 2016 is now open. Applicants who will be recruited will get a unique experience in outdoor events. In order to improve the quality of service during the event, volunteers are asked to meet the following requirements: 

1.Being at least 20 years old (1996), healthy and willing to be volunteer for the MaXi-Race in Jiangshan; 

2. Comply with Chinese laws and regulations, have no criminal record;

3. Being able to participate to the training and other related activities (follow the MaXi-Race official WeChat account to be updated with the latest news and activities) before the event;

4. Being able to participate in the service for more than 3 days in a row (from the 25 of November to the 27 of November 2016); 

5. Having the ability to communicate in a foreign language and have the sense of service;

6. Having the basic outdoor survival skillset.

7. Professional knowledge and skills required for the position; 

8. Cheerful, communication ability, with team spirit; 

9. Being conscientious, hard-working, and able to adapt to high-intensity outdoor event logistical support; 

10. Volunteer qualifications by the MaXi-Race Organizing Committee examined and cross-country running to retain the relevant interpretation.

The MaXi-Race volunteer registration process goes as following:

First step:

refer to the official MaXi-Race website for the qualification of volunteers application

Second step:

If meet all the volunteer’s requirements, you can fill in the volunteer application form and send to the following email address: kk@huway.com.

Third step:

the audit committee will send a confirmation by email or text message within 5 working days after the issuance of the results.

The deadline for the applications is the 1st of November 2016

This event needs volunteers for the following positions:

1. Imaging Service

Requirements: bring your own photography device, camera or equipment; having work experience with outdoor photography.

Responsibilities: fixed-point shooting throughout the track, capture some of the competitors’ moments; follow along the runners for shooting sessions; proficient post-production editing work.

2. Race Reception (guest reception team + Reception) 

Requirements: Good communication skills, proficiency in English is preferred; being responsible for the organization of Maxi-Race; those who have related experience will be prioritized; applicants who are familiar with Jiangshan will be prioritized.

Responsibilities: Internal Race Reception communication issues and with foreign participants; In charge of the communication work at the rest areas, check points and command center; work with the organizing committee to complete the race statistical work results.

3. Competition Timing

Requirements: being rigorous; being enthusiastic about events and being willing to take part in events; work experience in timed events is preferred; having skills in using timing devices.

Responsibilities: Inspection/ keep an eye on the runners, make sure they are in good condition; prevent athletes from running on any other track than the official one; report the performance of every participant to the committee on the contest day, in order to facilitate the performance announcement on the official website.

4. Event Communication

Requirements: applicants who are familiar with Jiangshan will be prioritized; good skills with outdoor communication equipment.

Responsibilities: Responsible for building the radio base station; in case of accident or emergency, you will have the access to get help from the medical personnel; security during the event is one of the major aspect of this position.

5. Track Guidelines

Requirements: having a good knowledge of the route of the race track; having solid response capacity in case of emergency; applicants who are familiar with Jiangshan will be prioritized.

Responsibilities: Participants route guidance, make sure the route is correct during the event; the volunteers should be aware of every service area; they must guide the participants/runners to the exact place they want to go to. They should also have the ability to help the participants to get to the food supply areas, cloakroom and the resting area after the contest.

6. Material Release

Requirements: having solid communication skills; applicants who have related experiences in events and can speak fluent English will be prioritized; having a strong sense of service.

Responsibilities: Check and confirm the participants’ information; in charge of the luggage keeping for the participants; making sure that the stuff and materials on spot should be integrated and well kept. Assist the committee to do the tail-in work after the contest.

7. Circuit arrangement

Requirements: having experience in outdoor activities and trails; having experience in one or more competition(s) that involve a track of 50km and more; having solid communication skills, navigation and positioning equipment; high-altitude outdoor sports experience.

Responsibilities: Responsible for staging track safety inspections, special sections marking work; Responsible for the tail-in work (finishing work) on the track.

8. Depot service

Requirements: having a strong enthusiasm for running and race; having solid communication skills, applicants with proficiency in English will be prioritized.

Responsibilities: supply point of service work; ensure the security of the material and food on the whole site; ensure the quality of the volunteer’s service during the event, please strictly abide by the volunteer’s guidelines; the Organizing Committee will provide incentives to encourage outstanding volunteers.

9. Traffic

Requirements: having solid communication skills, applicants who are familiar with Jiangshan will be prioritized.

Responsibilities: Assist the participants to get on the appointed shuttle bus; the registration work for the ambulances (explanation: runners who quit from the contest or got hurt need to get on the ambulance; volunteers should make a good registration of those on the ambulance); Besides, they should also help the drivers to ensure the best possible service.

Volunteer rights and obligations

1. Volunteers rights

• Learn the tournament’s rules and regulations for volunteers;

• Obtain the necessary job security;

• Protect their legitimate rights and interests;

• Comments and suggestions on the tournament to improve volunteer’s work;

• The right to exit volunteering.

2. Volunteers obligations

• abide by the articles of association events;

• comply with national laws and regulations, respect local customs;

• Take part in the training work for volunteers and respect the instructions of the organizing committee.