MaXi-Race China, Jiangshan Station

Registration of 2018MaXi-Race China Jiangshan Trail Run Now is open for international runners.

How about this event?

MaXi-Race Jiangshan, a subsidiary trail run of MaXi-World series, was introduced from French MaXi-Race Annecy. The event is the 3rd time to be co-operated by Chinese team and French team since 2016.

MaXi-Race Jiangshan locates in east China Zhejiang province which is two-hour ride away by train from Shanghai. The event has gained very good reputation for excellent organizing.

Where and When?

Jianglangshan Scenic area, Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province, East China.

19th -20th October 2018

How is the track?

Original mountain track, check out the last year documentary video

Registration for this race?

Opening of registration 27th July 2018

Closure of registration 27th September 2018

To register for the race with contacts below if you are interested.


Facebook: follow Real MaXi-Race China

Wechat: 277303611, Text message &phone: 17706213898

Divisions of event?


Actual distance: 66km

Ascent/Descent: 4920m/4833m

Whole time: 18 hours

Refreshment points: 6

Price: RMB 580 yuan


Actual distance: 105km

Ascent/Descent: 6205m/6201m

Whole time: 30 hours

Refreshment points: 10

Price: RMB 780 yuan


Actual distance: 28km

Ascent/Descent: 2242m/2116m

Whole time: 8 hours

Refreshment points: 3

Price: RMB 380 yuan

Get a discount?

For the international participants, the registration fees will be discounted depending on your race experiences. The organization committee will guide you to book the flights or train tickets and even the hotels. Look forward to meeting u in the race